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How to get thrown out by the cleaning lady

So, these were my holidays. We had a really nice apartment (the first one with DVD-Player – but he doesn’t work), a great view on the sea and it was close to a good Italian Restaurant. But now the story: it was Saturday, the 26.05. – We just had finished breakfast and wanted to get dressed. My father called the lady who gets the keys the other day (Sunday – the day my dad thought we would have to go. Then it rings. The cleaning Lady, who wanted to clean the apartment for the next guests – who are going to arrive later the day, was on the door. Okay, we convinced her that she is a day early and she left, just for coming back a minute later, telling us that her papers said that have to do this now, my dad showed her his papers and said: “Look, we booked till 26.05.” and the cleaning lady said: “Today is the 26.05.” That was really embarrassing for him, so we went fast to get everything packed and left.
But, what was really annoying, as we drove back, my father stopped every 5 minutes to show us something: a Russian submarine that looked like it’s going to fall to pieces soon, hills in the landscape, old houses that will fall to pieces soon, too. Then some strange smelling sand on a strange smelling beach, then a very old, strange looking piece of wood and the last thing he showed us was a supermarket.


Okay, the text is really long now, but I don’t want to forget something else:  I few days earlier we wanted to went to the biggest Poland Market – but they forgot something in their advertisement: coming soon. So don’t went to Misdroy the next few years, because as we came, 5 booths were open and 20 were in the process of construction.


“This is Ground Control to Major Tom - You've really made the grade - And the papers want to know whose shirts you wear - Now it's time to leave the capsule  - if you dare” – David Bowie
27.5.07 11:31

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Kate / Website (7.6.07 12:07)
Hey Dolly, Heehee, Thats what parents are like. I am off to Spain for 4 and a half weeks in the summer holidays..My kids will probably complain about me later too... You know what..I think I will put a Link from my blog to your blog if you want..just say yes
I'm off for a shower now, I stink.

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