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stay model or stay alone

Thats how simple guys are. you have to be the best-looking-girl around or you`re not existing to them. You can talk dirty to them ans suck their cock, but they`ll still won`t care of you - if you`re not a model.

That`s why we have to starve on hunger - but just nearly - your bones still have to walk to the bathroom  - for the next 3 hours (more is possible - but less is dangerous).

But don`t forget to work for the money you need for your boobs and nose and so on ...

Boys want Perfection - nothing else - not even a compromise. So if you`re not Pamela Anderson, than you should fuck off - that`s their attitude ...

Guys are assholes and if they don`t already show it they`ll show it later - it always end up like this ...

Guys are not made for relationships (because they get bored and their girlfriends could become ugly later - than its over by the way).

SO: FOR A GOOD RELATIONSHIP: get yourself a nice girl!

"I wanna be like Pamela Lee - You go get the camera and I'll say cheese - Baby you'll be rocking my world,
at the funeral of a good girl" Bif Naked

16.5.07 20:49

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Kate / Website (23.5.07 10:27)
I used to think like that before. I spent the first half of my life weighing between 45 and 50 Kilo. Now I weigh over 70 but..I am still happily married (next month it's 14 years) Believe and "Boys get better" because..the silly boys turn into REAL MEN. They just need to grow up a bit first.

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