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i`m sorry, but i few things on this blog i can`t change into good old/new english so here are the translations for you for the words they won`t let me change:

Startseite - the page were all begins - here you can dind my entries

Über - this is a page about me ... you get to know my age (Alter) and what i like (starts with: Ich mag diese...)

Archiv - here you can find the older entries

Gästebuch - the guestbook ... leaving a message there for me makes me happy!

Kontakt - this is a page to get in contact with me - but doing it trough youtube is easier and faster if you want to get in contact with me

Abbonieren - you need this if you want to get an e-mail when my new entry is done

Kommentar/e - here you can see the comments which were wrote about an entry

kommentieren  - here you can write a comment on an entry ... i really love comments so write me. thanks

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